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Technician by trade, loony left-libertarian by conviction, spinner of commoner's-eye fantasies and new-old fairy tales by vocation. One of these days we will write that Great Romantic Space Opera too, yes we will, precioussss! Also I occasionally compose folksongs, unless strongly discouraged with big spiky sticks.

Chief interests include good food, bad jokes, politics, word nerding, the sciences, the arts, and the great big wonderful world - especially the parts of which I'm presently ignorant. Books, books, and more books are another major part of my life.

I'm currently in the closing stages of my biggest literary project ever. A mostly-low fantasy called Three Katherines of Allingdale, its particular influences began with William Morris and Lord Dunsany, and it's grown in the telling from a short satirical fairy-tale to a novel of dangerous ever-afters, double-edged enchantments, and rising tides of revolution on the edge of the reasonable world.

This journal is presently dominated by notes on Three Katherines' progress and puzzles, interspersed with personal news and various forms of playing the goat. I blog at greater length and in brighter colours at my main site, Goat in the Machine (see above).